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Bollywood Meets Budhmor,With Outstanding Results

Bollywood Meets Budhmor,With Outstanding Results

The offer of 8 weekly sessions of Movement for Health was hugely appealing to the manager and staff at our Budhmor House residential home in Portree.  The unknown factor was it would be based on a fusion of Bollywood and Scottish Country Dance.

As part of the Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good For You community arts-based programme for Skye Meena Watts, a Bollywood dancer and tutor, was keen to support the residents of Budhmor using her rich knowledge of Bollywood Dance with Scottish music and funky beats.  Her invigorating classes were fun - the question was, would the residents find it engaging.

It’s safe to say the manager and staff were amazed at the impact of these classes. They were an instantaneous hit!

Each class began gently – building to a crescendo of laughter, smiles and creative movement!  Meena’s sensitivity to and awareness of the needs and of her students meant the final ‘funky music’ dance at the end of each class was the highlight of the day – for residents and staff!  The pictures speak for themselves!

We are grateful to Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for You for making this possible. (The project was launched in April 2017 by the AROS Centre in Portree, and is funded by the Highland Culture Strategic Board and Creative Scotland as part of the Take Pride, Take Part Investment Programme).



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