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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

CrossReach has a firm commitment to support those who are caught up in the criminal justice system, either as a direct consequence of thier actions or as a family member or friend of someone in prison.

Commissioned by the Glasgow Social Work Department the Dick Stewart Service in Glasgow provides direct support to seven offenders either as an alternative to custody or towards the end of a prison sentence. Service users are supported to address offending behaviour and develop new life skills which will assist them to make different choices in the future.The premises are registered and inspected by SCSWIS (Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland) to provide residential care.

The Prison Visitors Support & Advice Centre in Perth is situated adjacent to the visitor’s car park at HMP Perth and provides a warm and welcoming environment to people visiting a family member or friend in prison.
The centre staff work closely with the Scottish Prison Service staff in the visits area to ensure that families are provided with appropriate information and that visits are as positive as possible for all involved.
The service also provides help to families of those in prison with literacy skills, benefits advice, parenting skills and advice and information on a number of other issues. 

Simpson House provides counselling support to individuals within the local prison in Edinburgh.  Service provision within each of our services for those with addiction difficulties and homelessness will also involve addressing offending behaviour, where this is possible and appropriate

In addition Geilsland School in North Ayrshire provides a residential school environment for children who are failing within the mainstream school provision many of whom are subject to criminal justice proceedings.

Although the number of direct criminal justice services offered are small CrossReach work closely with a number of other organisations within the criminal justice field  in order to  influence policy and ensure an integrated approach to service provision.

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