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CrossReach Perinatal Service: Lothians

CrossReach Perinatal Service: Lothians

Perinatal depression is a serious condition affecting 1 in 6 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers with long term consequences for the whole family. It can be successfully treated. We provide one of the only independent services with creche facilities for mothers and fathers with postnatal depression in the U.K. Find out more about CrossReach Perinatal Services by clicking here.

CrossReach Perinatal Service (previously Postnatal Depression Services) Lothians was established in 1988. Its primary aim is:

  • To provide support for families where a mother or father is suffering from Postnatal Depression, through a range of services.

Further aims are:

  • To increase public and professional awareness of Postnatal Depression
  • To prevent admission or limit length of stay in psychiatric hospital
  • To keep abreast of research regarding effective interventions with families suffering from PND and develop services accordingly
  • To encourage the development of services out-with Edinburgh and Lothians Area
  • To develop training and education for professionals in the field of Postnatal Depression

Outline of Existing Service:

The main office of the Postnatal Depression Services at Wallace House is open Mon-Fri. 9.00am-5.00pm - tel: 0131 538 7288.

We understand that when a parent experiences perinatal depression the whole family is affected. By intervening at an early stage, positive changes and growth within relationships can be brought about .At the Perinatal Services, Lothians we offer the following services:

  • Individual and Couples Counselling
  • Women’s Therapy Groups
  • Fathers' Groups
  • Art Therapy, both individually and in groups
  • Infant Massage, both individually and in groups
  • Couples Groups
  • Crèche Facilities
  • Telephone Support
  • Family Therapy
  • Bowen Technique, Yoga Classes
  • Training & Consultancy in Postnatal Depression

What is Perinatal Depression?

Postnatal Blues:

  • 50% of mothers up to 10 days after childbirth
  • Begins day 2-4, peaks day 4-6, lasts 2-7 days
  • Probable hormonal basis

Postnatal Depression:

  • 1 in 6 women and 1 in 10 men experience Postnatal Depression after childbirth
  • Affects the child’s development & the whole family   (Lovestone & Kumar, 1993)
  • Where undetected & untreated, can go on for months or years   (Cox, 1996)                                    

Puerperal Psychosis:

  • Psychotic illness which occurs suddenly in relationship with childbirth.
  • Affects 0.2% of mothers. Onset is usually between 3rd and 14th postpartum day & duration is anything from 6 weeks to 6 months.
  • Urgent Psychiatric care is required. Mother & baby, when appropriate & feasible, may require admission to hospital.

Locations of the Perinatal Services:

 We also provide an Outreach Service at Craigour Community Health Flat in Gracemount, Edinburgh.

  • East Edinburgh PND Centre, The Gate Lodge, 27 Milton Road East, Edinburgh EH15 2NL  tel: 0131 454 4315, near Portobello.    
  • Wallace House, 3 Boswall Road, Edinburgh EH5 3RJ    tel 0131 538 7288, the Postnatal Depression Services Main Office, based on the North side of the City.
  • Palmerston Place PND Centre,8a Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 4AA    tel 0131 220 3547, in the city centre of Edinburgh.


  • Clients may self-refer or be referred by a health professional. Referrals can be made by telephoning our main office at Wallace House, tel: 0131 538 7288. At the time of referral the client will have a child under the age of 2 years old. Once a referral has been made, the client will be invited to attend an initial appointment at one of our centres to explore the kind of support most suitable. Group support is generally available fairly immediately. Individual counselling may involve a short waiting list depending on counsellor availability at the time of referral.

Support for the Whole Family

Men and women can both experience postnatal depression. Having a baby is a major event in a parent's life, and it can be a time to review and process ways of being in the world. 

Society assumes that the arrival of a baby will bring happiness and satisfaction to the parents and family. This is not always the case. There are many myths about parenthood.

Research shows that some parents can become depressed, anxious and low during the perinatal period. 

Pregnancy and childbirth is a time of major change and transition, and can affect a parent’s sense of self, identity and effectiveness. All change involves loss, even welcomed change.

Some parents become distressed by their inability to cope and do not recognise that they may be affected by postnatal depression. 

For some parents the onset of depression / anxiety may be during pregnancy, for others not until their child is born. Whenever it starts, the impact on the parent, partner and/or other family members can be difficult to understand and to process.

It is important to realise that help is available.


Our Perinatal Service is a CrossReach Charity, established in 1988, and is largely funded by the Church of Scotland. We receive one sixth of our funding from NHS Lothian, and other funding from Sure Start, Third Sector Early Intervention Funding, as well as from Edinburgh Council. We constantly seek funding from trusts and other potential funding sources. Although our service is available to all clients irrespective of ability to contribute, we do ask our clients for donations to services received where this might be possible.

N.B. Our service is available to all clients irrespective of ability to contribute.


We currently employ 17 staff in Edinburgh and are supported in our work by over 90 volunteers. We are a multidisciplinary team of counsellors and therapists, administrators and creche workers. We work closely with health professionals and receive over 85% of our referrals from health professionals. All our counsellors and therapists are qualified to a minimum of Diploma level and come from a variety of different core theoretical backgrounds. Our Service is a COSCA Recognised Service, and an Organisational Member of both COSCA and BACP.

We always welcome new volunteers. Currently we are in need of volunteers to help with fundraising and promoting the service. All enquiries and applications can be made by contacting our main office at Wallace House, tel: 0131 538 7288.

CrossReach Perinatal Service, Lothians

Wallace House, 3 Boswall Road, Edinburgh EH5 3RJ

tel: 0131 538 7288   e-mail:

COSCA Recognised Service.  BACP & COSCA Organisation member

About the Perinatal Service:

A CrossReach Charity, the Perinatal Service was established in 1988.

The Service aims to support families affected by Perinatal Depression through a range of services, including Individual & Group Counselling & Art Therapy, Couples & Family Therapy, Infant Massage & Bodywork Therapies. We also offer training and consultancy for professionals working in the field.

The Services operates from 4 locations in Edinburgh: the main office at Wallace House in Boswall Road, the Palmerston Place Centre in the west end, the East Edinburgh Centre in Portobello, as well as an outreach centre at Craigour in Gilmerton.

Crèche facilities are provided at all locations and Senior Crèche Workers run the crèches assisted by Volunteers.

 For Further Information & Application Forms:

Joyce Linklater (Manager)

CrossReach Perinatal Service, Wallace House, 3 Boswall Road, Edinburgh EH5 3RJ

tel: 0131 538 7288      e-mail:            


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Contact Details

Joyce Linklater
Perinatal Service
Wallace House
3 Boswall Road
0131 538 7288


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