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CrossReach Reveals Love In Action - CrossReach Week 2016

CrossReach Reveals Love In Action - CrossReach Week 2016

Encouraged by the number of people in attendance and who joined in via the Live Stream, the CrossReach Week 2016 service has well and truly launched what promises to be an insightful and memorable week for everyone involved.

Having been bid ‘heartily welcomed’ by Bill Steele (Convener), the congregation heard from Nan Boyd (Service Manager, Tayside Support Services), Liann Weir (Social Care Mission Officer), Peter Bailey (CEO) and the Rt Rev Dr Barr (Moderator to the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland).

Nan’s insightful message about the support her teams offer to people living with addiction was summed up by the story she shared about Gabriel – a son and a friend to many, who lost his battle with addiction.

She told us Gabriel’s mother put it this way – “The world called him an addict – he wasn’t.  He was a beautiful person who was battling an addiction”.

Nan went on to share the reason she and her team offer the support they do is because each person they meet belongs to someone – a mother; a father; a brother; a sister; a son; a daughter; a grandchild; a friend – each person is of great worth and of great worth to others.

Liann spoke of the fire of passion and drive that is building in the local churches as they look to reach out into their communities. 

Church representatives were encouraged to link in to the Socialcare Forum website as a useful resource and place to network with other churches engaging with the social care needs of their communities.

Using Violet’s story (pg 15) as an example of small things making the biggest differences, she noted her excitement as she walked with churches to find out what faith in action truly means in their own areas. 

Rt Rev Dr Barr encouraged the staff and volunteers of CrossReach, stating that CrossReach Week “…gives me the opportunity to say on behalf of the wider church just how much you are valued and how much the work you do is appreciated.”

In an address that firmly focussed on Love in Action, he candidly challenged everyone present, “It is never enough to know what a particular [Bible] passage or parable or doctrine commits us to believing, it is also vital to know how it commits us to living.”

He concluded, “If the Bible teaches us God is love, then CrossReach reveals love in action, love when it gets its sleeves rolled up and its hands dirty.

“Best of all CrossReach shows us what it looks like to live God’s more excellent way.”

At the close of the service, Peter Bailey took time to note his thanks to everyone who had made the event possible at Letham St Mark’s Church of Scotland and by responding to the Rt Rev Dr Barr’s affirmation stating that CrossReach values the assurance that we are valued by The Church of Scotland and that we appreciate working for The Church by serving Christ and by putting love in action.”

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