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CrossReach Week 2016 - Day Care & Volunteers

CrossReach Week 2016 - Day Care & Volunteers

The bright Autumn sun could not outshine the warmth of welcome provided by The Oasis Garelochhead today.   Known for its excellence in quality the staff and clients took great delight in sharing this morning’s activities with its distinguished guests.


Having enjoyed observing the quiz and the exercises, Rt Rev Dr Barr noted his sense of privilege at being invited to lead in a time of devotions for all those who wanted to attend.

When morning coffee was served, accompanied by the service’s legendary lemon drizzle cake and other delicious home baking, Allan Logan (Director, Services to Older People) shared, “Day Care services play a significant role in promoting independence and making it possible for people to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home”.  He also took the time to unpack something of the importance of a structured programme in the early intervention and rehabilitation of people who have had a diagnosis of dementia.

When asked about the 100% response rate in the 2015 ‘Service User’s Survey’ and the 100% satisfaction rates in all areas, Allan was quick to note the maintained and re-attained CSE award promoted the evident satisfaction of the people supported and the consistently high grades received by the Care Inspectorate.

Enthusiastically reflecting on the visit, Rt Rev Dr Barr made note of the service’s location (the local medical centre) and the evident success of the partnership.

Having pulled themselves away from The Oasis Garelochhead, the party made their way to the magnificent House for an Art Lover in Glasgow where the volunteer celebration event was scheduled to take place.

Volunteers from CrossReach services and from churches took in the exquisite exhibits, gardens and building before sharing lunch together.

Peter Bailey, CEO thanked every volunteer for the invaluable contribution they make to CrossReach.  Highlighting it was World Mental Health Day he candidly shared the essential role volunteers have in maintaining the counselling and support services provided by CrossReach.

The gathering learned that CrossReach volunteers provided 23, 791 of the 2,779,330 hours pledged to UK wide The Jubilee Hour initiative (the largest collective of volunteers since WWII) before hearing from Lauran, one of the volunteer school pupils who had participated in this venture.

Rt Rev Dr Barr presented the stark reality that the services supporting people who are homeless in Edinburgh would instantly come to a halt if it weren’t for volunteers.

Maurice Golden MSP also noted the significant role volunteers have within society and the community benefits their generosity of time provides.

As the event came to an end, Rt Rev Dr Barr expressed his pleasure at all he had seen and experienced during the day.  When asked how he was finding CrossReach Week 2016 so far, his face lit up as he enthused “What is not to enjoy?”

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