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CrossReach Week 2016 - Resettlement From Homelessness

CrossReach Week 2016 - Resettlement From Homelessness

As a resettlement project in Glasgow, CrossReach’s Kirkhaven Project provides accommodation, support and social care to single men and women aged 18-65 who have complex needs and who are currently homeless. 


Rt Rev Dr Barr, widely known for his passion to see an end brought to homelessness in Scotland was therefore keen to visit Kirkhaven to learn more about the service.

Resettlement is the move a person makes from living on the streets or in temporary housing into more permanent and often independent, accommodation.  It also includes the support that is provided to sustain people in their tenancies. 

The team at Kirkhaven work with the service users to consider their move-on needs on an individual basis and from this, create personalised support as each person plans for their future.  People may stay for a period of three months to two or more years, depending on their circumstances.

Having “pledged to take every opportunity to raise the issue of homelessness during [his] year in office”, Rt Rev Dr Barr listened intently and enthusiastically as the team and the people they support briefly shared their experiences.

Rt Rev Dr Barr’s passion for supporting people who are homeless was clearly visible as he tore himself away from the service to travel to the next event.  He noted it was his considered opinion that the unaltered statistics relating to the number of households counted as homeless in Scotland over the past 20 years were shameful.

Crammond Kirk was the next (and very familiar) stop.  As Rt Rev Dr Barr’s home church, he was delighted to host and chair the scheduled discussion on supporting people who are homeless with representatives from Fresh Start and from CrossReach.

With an agenda focussing on:

  • What is the biggest issue affecting our work at the moment?
  • How can our organisations support the church to respond effectively to homelessness?
  • How will our work be affected by recent legislative shifts in social care, such as Self-directed Support; Health and Social Care Integration; Public Procurement Reform?

it was clear that “when we take time to hear from others and see the big picture, the connections we can make are really exciting”. (Lorna Bowry, Vol Coordinator, Fresh Start)

An active contributor to the discussion currently supported by CrossReach’s Services for Homeless People told the group Fresh Start provided the starter pack for his accommodation and that he couldn’t have taken his tenancy without their support. 

As he continued to share his story, it became apparent the accommodation for which he had taken tenancy did not have a cooker.  Immediately, the Fresh Start team members put things in place to ensure he would receive a cooker imminently – a clear demonstration of the value and benefits of working more closely together.

All too soon, the event ended and Rt Rev Dr Barr took his leave to prepare for this evening’s event at his formal residence in Edinburgh.

We look forward to establishing stronger links with Fresh Start.

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