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CrossReach Week 2016 - A Warm Welcome In Shetland

CrossReach Week 2016 - A Warm Welcome In Shetland

Stunning blue skies welcomed the Rt Rev Dr & Mrs Barr as they arrived in Shetland this morning for a second focus on the support offered by CrossReach Services to Older People.  This time, their attention was given to residential support and they visited the Walter and Joan Gray care home in Scalloway.


An integral and well established part of the local community, the home has been serving the people of Shetland for 47 years thanks to the generosity of a hardworking and successful ‘local lad’.

On his retirement, Walter J Gray and his beloved Joan returned to his homeland, Scalloway, from Montreal Canada in 1949.  Some years later, the growing need and request for what was then referred to as an eventide home became clear and Mr Gray provided a significant donation towards purchasing the Royal Hotel building on Main Street. 

His donation came with the prerequisite that when opened, the service would be named after he and his late wife and had to be run with Christian values.  With his request agreed, a committee comprising of members from almost every parish in Shetland raised the remaining funds for the extension and renovation of the existing building and the rest, as they say, is history.

With great ceremony, the home was opened on 5th August 1969 and visited the day after by Her Majesty The Queen.

Over the years, the service has adapted to meet the changing needs of the people and the community it serves and today Rt Rev Dr and Mrs Barr were the special guests of the 16 residents, joining them for lunch and a few activities before heading back to the airport to fly to Glasgow.

As they left, the residents and staff enthusiastically noted their appreciation of the warmth and kindness shown by their special guests.

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