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Learning Disabilities

CrossReach delivers sensitive, caring and innovative services to people with Learning Disabilities across Scotland. You can expect it to be professional in its outlook with a high level of well motivated, highly qualified staff focussed on providing a service unique to your needs.

This is accomplished through you having your own Outcome based support plan carefully drafted by our staff and involving all the people whose views are important to you and sets out how you would like to live your life and how you would like to develop your skills in the future.

Our services usually gain a high score from the Care Inspectorate and all have achieved the Customer Service Excellence Award. However, we do not want to rest on our laurels and are ambitious to build continuous improvement year on year. Hence, we will regularly undertake a Quality Assurance audit in parnership with our Service Users to inform the ongoing improvement of our Services.

If you receive a service from Crossreach you can also expect to be celebrated as an individual and have your opinions sought in both the day to day running of your service and in setting the strategy for the organisation. We do this through our Service User Forum which has a strong bearing in all the decisions we take.

Hence, you can expect your experience with Crossreach to be without negativity and one in which you are valued for what you can achieve and your potential rather than any limitations you might have.


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