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Oversteps Residents – Winners at 2017 Sutherland Show

Oversteps Residents – Winners at 2017 Sutherland Show

Being a valued and well established part of the Dornoch community, and being great fans of the annual Sutherland Show, the residents of CrossReach’s Oversteps Care Home were delighted to learn of a new competition category:

Food & Crafts, Group Entries

  • Care Homes – Down Memory Lane

As soon as they heard about this exciting addition to the 2017 event, the residents and staff wasted no time in gathering inspiration from the life experiences collectively represented.

A Carousel of Memories was created from the stories shared by the residents:

“I used to play tennis.  It was my life.  I played at Wimbledon for over ten years.  We didn’t win prize money like they have now.”

“I went to school until the age of 18.  Afterwards I worked as a social worker in the slums in Brussels for 4 years.  My job was to help find homes and work for people.  My husband was a doctor.  When I met him it was like a bullet to my heart.  I fell in love straight away and it remained like that through all our married life.”

“At Christmas we hung up our stocking and we always got a piece of fruit, usually an apple or orange, a tiny bag of sweets, and some of Mum’s homemade chocolate.  One year I got a beautiful rag doll made by one of Mum’s friends.”

Knitting, decorated picture frames, a button picture and many other pieces of art were also crafted for their competition submission and the eye-catching display was well visited.

The sense of achievement would have been enough, but when the judges announced that two of the entries had been awarded the category’s 1st & 2nd prizes, the Oversteps residents, staff and family members were ‘over the moon’ with delight.

You can take a look at some of the display entries here

Congratulations to everyone involved.



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