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PND Support Study For Highlands and Western Isles

PND Support Study For Highlands and Western Isles

The Highlands and Western Isles are famous for their spectacular drama. 

For the people living in these regions, the spacious beauty can be a tremendous source of comfort and peace.  It can also be a source of isolation.

Tessa Haring, former Manager of Postnatal Depression Services in Edinburgh, is currently conducting a feasibility study, exploring ways through which CrossReach can meet the existing and future PND support needs for families living in these regions.

CrossReach’s Perinatal Depression Services have 25 years expertise in delivering highly valued and sought after counselling and support to families experiencing the effects of PND in the Edinburgh and Glasgow areas of Scotland. 

In the last few years these services have given significant consideration regarding ways by which the visible benefits of these services could be made available to the families of the Highlands and Western Isles

The challenge presented by the geographical population distribution and the resulting travelling time required by many to reach a single central location has led to the study looking to assess the feasibility of using digital technology as a means of providing perinatal support.

The study also aims to gain a better understanding of whether a bilingual Gaelic and English service may be of particular benefit to families in this area.  It will explore the extent to which Gaelic is spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles and whether offering counselling in Gaelic would be preferable to a solely English speaking counselling service.

Two questionnaires have been designed to gather information from:

Once the study has ended, we will publish the report (with any confidential information being anonymised.

For further information, click here to access the information sheet or contact Tessa directly:


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