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Releasing Paul's Potential

Releasing Paul's Potential

Paul, a confident young man, proudly finishes off the routine maintenance of his Mini Moto bike and equipment – a continual reminder of the sporting community he has found and the purpose he now has in his life.

As a responsible and popular member of the CrossReach Looked After and Supported family, it is almost impossible to remember the angry and confused wee boy he was when we met him at first.

Having experienced difficult family circumstances, he had been taken into foster care.  Sadly, his inability to sleep and to eat because of his anxiety and anger levels meant he needed a different type of support, and so he eventually came to us.

Without a sense of community, belonging and purpose, the struggles he experienced were many.   Yet despite the angry outbursts, his key worker could see great promise.  He really believed in Paul’s potential to find purpose and a place in society.  Having had experience in taking part in competitive Mini Moto events, and having taken the time to get to know Paul, he was sure Mini Moto could give Paul the focus he needed.

No one could have known how right he would be.  One visit was all it took to captivate Paul’s interest.  But there was a drawback – the finance. 

A bike, the equipment and the various costs associated with the sport could have easily been a barrier to Paul’s participation.  However, the partnership team supporting Paul made significant financial contributions to help meet these.

In addition, the CrossReach Looked After and Supported Services family pulled together and held various ‘closed’ fundraising initiatives.

Paul himself learned the responsibility of taking part in fundraising and sponsored events.  He walked the West Highland Way to help cover the costs.

The overall result was incredible: gathering together enough resources to make the necessary purchases was in itself a wonderful achievement.  However becoming a member of a social circle, becoming part of a shared interest group, learning responsibility and experiencing a sense of really belonging made a life-changing impact on Paul.

With increased confidence and a newfound self-worth, we could see that the Mini Moto and all that went with it had significantly contributed to him being more settled in school and in social and ‘home’ settings. 

There are no words to adequately describe how proud we are of Paul’s commitment to learning and to finding his path into adulthood.


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