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The Song of The Clyde Returns To Invereck House

The Song of The Clyde Returns To Invereck House

“The sweetest of songs is the song of the Clyde”

R.Y. Bell & Ian Gourley

For many of the residents from Invereck House, the sentiment of this well sung Scottish folk song from yesteryear rings as true today as it did back then.


Having a specialist focus in supporting people who have dementia, connecting with passions and memories plays a vital part in promoting the wellbeing of Invereck House’s residents and it was during a summer time activity an idea for a development within the home was born.

A majority of the residents grew up close by ‘the watter’ and took great pleasure in raising their own children in similar surrounds so when the sun graced the garden with its warm rays, a paddling pool was filled with water and the residents enjoyed getting their feet wet and drying them off in the sun.

The chatter of memories quickly filled the garden.  As each person took it in turn to talk about their special connection with the beach and the River Clyde, a longing to feel the smoothness of the sand again became a theme of the discussion.

Taking note of this, the staff determined that if a visit to the beach and the water was no longer possible, then the beach should be brought into Invereck.

An area of the home was identified as being an ideal location for the venture and together with their own family members, staff set about creating the ‘beach’, filling a specially created container with soft fine sand, shells, buckets and spades and other seaside memorabilia.

A row of cupboards which stand waist height was transformed into colourful beach huts and this was used to support the easy access Invereck House Beach. 

Located close by the residents’ rooms and in the area of the ground floor elevator, sand castles, patterns of shells and artistic writing in the sand quickly became welcome ever-changing features.

Residents now take time to linger in what was once an unremarkable area of the home to once again remember their own stories and passions birthed by their “wonderful Clyde” and its beaches.


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