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Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse

 Community Services

  •   Axis Forward (Dundee)
  •   Clova (Arbroath)

 Residential Services

  •  Beechwood House (inverness)
  •  Rainbow House  (Glasgow)

 Counselling Services

  •  Simpson House (Edinburgh)

 Housing Support Services

  •   Rankeillor Initiative (Edinburgh)
  •   Whitinch Move On (Glasgow)


" Our Services are recovery orientated, in line with Scottish Goverment Strategy"
Substance Misuse
Christine turned up at one of our residential rehabilitation services for those addicted to alcohol at a point in her life where “My addiction had eaten away at me, robbing me of my family, confidence, self esteem and finance; the feeling of loss and of being lost overpowered me.” After her time with us, Christine is now free from her addiction, has rediscovered her faith and belief in herself.

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