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Janette Rankin of the Friendship Circle at Cardonald Parish Church had no inkling what engaging with this simple, colourful and ingenious concept would lead to!


Having initially read about it in a short Sunday Post article in January 2015, Mrs Rankin considered the group may enjoy this creative activity over the winter months.

Twiddlemuffs are double thickness muffs with ‘twiddles’ attached inside and out.  They are designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands – in particular, those of people who have dementia. 

Simple to produce (we’ve been given great assurance that it’s easy to chat whilst making them), they are a great way to use up oddments of wool/yarn, buttons, toggles, beads, ribbon and sewing trimmings.

Aiming to create ninety Twiddlemuffs for the Erskine care home in Bishopton and with little confidence they’d achieve their goal, the knitting needles began clicking.  Non-knitters enthusiastically provided wool and the tentative steps towards their target became huge strides.

Ninety Twiddlemuffs became one hundred, one hundred became one hundred and fifty and so the supply grew.  In the end they achieved an incredible 330 muffs!  The Friendship Circle attribute their amazing success to the tremendous support they received from groups and individuals from both within and outwith the church.

With the Erskine care home having gratefully received their promised supply, the group turned their attention to considering other potential recipients in their locale – and that’s when they thought of CrossReach, largely as a result of previous links with the organisation.

Adams House in Elderslie and Williamwood House in Netherlee, Glasgow were each offered a supply of Twiddlemuffs.  Delighted by the prospect, a total of eighty Twiddlemuffs will be delivered in the latter part of November this year.

Rev Calum MacLeod, minister of Cardonald Parish Church, has been invited to the Friendship Circle’s meeting on 17 November to pray a blessing over the Twiddlemuffs and for the people who will benefit from them, before they are distributed.  This will be followed by a presentation about the work of CrossReach.

Mrs Rankin enthused, “I would like to encourage groups to make muffs for the care homes supporting people with dementia in their own areas.  They are great fun to make and seem to be really useful.”

Thank you to Mrs Rankin and the Cardonald Parish Church Friendship Circle for their support.

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