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 About CrossReach

Launched in 2005 and previously known as the Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility, CrossReach continues the Church’s tradition of providing care and support that stretches back to 1869.

Our mission:

In Christ's name we seek to retain and regain the highest quality of life which each individual is capable of experiencing at any given time.

Our vision:

To provide person-centred social care, of the highest quality, to those in most need throughout Scotland for:

  • Older people
  • people with dementia
  • children and families
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people who are homeless
  • people with substance misuse problems
  • people who require counselling and support
  • people with mental health problems
  • people affected by the criminal justice system

We deliver needs-led services to people of all ages, supporting them to improve their emotional and physical health and spiritual wellbeing regardless of faith. Our services include:

  • residential care
  • day care
  • early intervention
  • outreach
  • supported living
  • throughcare
  • respite care
  • step up, step down
  • home care
  • counselling and support
  • therapeutic interventions

With a strong reputation for innovation and as a social care organisation of choice, we continue to engage and actively promote our work with decision makers at local and national level.

We are also developing pioneering new initiatives across all service areas as we commission and take part in groundbreaking research projects.

Our aim is to continue to connect our outstanding, professional social care services with the inspiring, voluntary social care projects being run by local churches across the country, and to strengthen our collaborative partnerships with statutory agencies and other third sector organisations.


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Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR
Tel: 0131 657 2000 Email: info@crossreach.org.uk