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Mental Health – There is hope

CrossReach provides hope for adults with mental health issues in three innovative mental health services in Scotland; Morven Day Services in Kilmarnock provide community-based services, whilst Gaberston House in Alloa and Allarton in Glasgow provide a mixture of residential accommodation, supported flats and outreach support to individuals in their own homes, as well as some day support.

Our emphasis is on Recovery.  Our approach promotes the involvement of those who use our services, with particular attention being paid to their lived experiences, providing opportunity to be included not only in our services, but in the wider community.

The 'Recovery' journey is different for every individual, not only different for each person but often different on a daily basis. We understand that and provide services which will be tailored to meet those needs.

We invest time, faith and hope enabling them to guide their own recovery and helping them to gain and keep wellness as well as manage ongoing symptoms.

Our services offer support and tools, becoming active partners in their own healthcare and recovery journey.

If you think we can help then click on the links which will give you more information.

You can also receive support from these national mental health services’:

Finally, you can watch the 'There Is Hope' video, courtesy of Saddleback Church in Calafornia, USA here:



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