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Prisoners Week Scotland 2010




   CROSSREACH is proud to support Prisoners Week Scotland. 21st-28th November 2010          


 People in prison have another number to learn, and they can find life defined by what they did rather than who they are. Prisoners' Week presents a different image of each person made in the likeness of God, immeasurably more than a number

Have you ever felt 'just a number'?

Prisoners' Week is an opportunity to remember all in our communities who are affected by crime and imprisonment - prisoners and their families, victims of crime and those who work within the criminal justice system.

Prisoners' Week is an initiative of the Churches that aims to stimulate discussion, highlight concerns and share hope.

You can find out more by clicking the link : http://prisonersweekscotland.co.uk/index.htm

or hear the prisoners week video broadcast::          http://www.sanctusmedia.com/cx/casc/pw/



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