Perinatal Therapy can help parents cope with the emotional turmoil of having a baby.

Expecting or having a baby is a major event in a parent’s life, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, fear and sometimes depression.

Most people have heard of Postnatal Depression (PND), but depression and/or anxiety can actually begin during as well as after pregnancy – what we call perinatal illness – and it can affect both men and women.

If you’re having negative feelings and are worried about opening up to friends and family, our specialist perinatal counsellors can offer a safe place to help you understand your anxiety or depression, and show you ways to recover.

We offer a mix of individual and group therapies, and it’s for you to decide what you want to try.

Whether you’re pregnant or already a parent, a single parent, in a relationship or not, we are here to help you.

Where can you find Perinatal Counselling and support?

Service Locations

CrossReach Bluebell Perinatal Service


Perinatal Counselling and Therapy for parents and families in Glasgow.

More information 0141 221 3003

CrossReach Perinatal Service


Confidential Perinatal Counselling and Therapy.

More information 0131 538 7288