Residential rehabilitation provides a safe and supportive place to recover from drug and alcohol dependency.

Once you have made a commitment to being alcohol and/or drug free, rehab can help to prepare you for life in your own community. You’ll be supported by staff and fellow residents who will encourage and empower you to make better choices for you and and those close to you.

This can involve one-to-one and group therapy to explore the issues that led to the dependency in the first place, structured use of free time and voluntary work in the community. Our programmes are designed to rebuild confidence, relationships and social skills.

Where is residential rehabilitation available?

Service Locations

Beechwood House


A safe and comfortable environment for adults recovering from substance use.

More information 01463 711335

CrossReach Residential Recovery Service


CrossReach Residential Recovery Service supports people who are committed to living drug and alcohol free. 

More information 0141 950 1772