From our campus in Erskine, CrossReach can provide a safe, supportive and high quality alternative to mainstream education.

Our education programme caters for boys and girls aged 8-18 with additional support needs. 

We offer 36 Education places.

Individual education plans
In line with Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC), we will work with each young person (and parents and carers if appropriate) to identify the outcomes they want. We will then jointly come up with a plan that will help them achieve those goals.

All children have potential. Our task is to optimise that potential by offering them a range of motivating experiences and flexible learning opportunities.

Children attending CrossReach education will experience a mix of subject-based learning and inter-disciplinary learning. They may learn as a whole class, in smaller groups or on their own. The key is to find a personalised approach that works best for each individual.

Our education focuses on developing core skills in literacy, numeracy and wellbeing. Each pupil will go through 3 stages of individual development:

  1. How to Learn: a sense of self
    Focusing on nurture, play, imagination and childhood

  2. What to Learn: learning to be learners
    Exploring wider learning experiences, classroom skills and individual talents

  3. Learning Success: picking pathways
    Preparing for life after school, including further study and the world of work

Education team
Our experience has shown that children and young people feel safer when they have stable adult role models and consistent daily routines. As a highly qualified team, we aim to give children structure, boundaries and targets, while allowing for spontaneity and flexibility in their education. We are proud to provide a caring and compassionate environment for children to learn and grow.

Questions about referrals, funding and availability? Call:
Kyle Fleming, Head of Education, on 0141 473 7335

Service Locations

Erskine Waterfront Campus


All children have potential and our aim is to unlock that through the flexible learning opportunities and motivating experiences we offer.

More information 0141 473 7335